oxidate /ˈɑksɪˌdeit/

For the first time, the Oxidate remodel was in a home where the main level was beautiful before our work started. Thus, we sought to remodel the 1980’s mold-riddled upstairs to match stylistically and exceed the level of quality already established.​​ To achieve this, we installed craftsman trim and mahogany doors throughout, coping the trim to the contours of the hardwood floors for a seamless wall to floor transition. We also catered the bathrooms to the clients desire of having spa-like spacious retreats within the home.

A pain point of the space to begin with was the bathrooms, which had ongoing plumbing leaks and mold growth from poor ventilation. In the primary bath we resolved this with an all-new plumbing layout featuring a freestanding tub, zero clearance walk-in shower, and Kohler smart toilet paired with Kohler Digital Thermostatic Valves that allow for precise temperature control and smart features for bathers. Heated tile floors in the bathrooms that extend into the walk-in shower provide added comfort, while the tile walls extend past the showers and around the room to elevate the spaces' aesthetic and durability. Starting with this remodel we also began sound-insulating all bathroom walls to ensure privacy and comfort for all residents and guests.

In reflection on Oxidate, we excelled in creating high-end bathrooms packed with premium features and comfort, yet air-sealing to and in the attic should have been performed in tandem to address the attic’s pre-existing mold issue to ensure the lovely spaces we created will last. Luckily our loyal client will be having us back and we can educate other homeowners on the importance of air-sealing non-conditioned spaces from the rest of the home.