Grant Badgley, Owner of Akeldama

Founded by Grant Badgley, Akeldama is native to and serves Fort Wayne, Indiana. we strive to advance the built world, from optimizing home layouts to advocating for better public infrastructure. This is founded on our belief that thoughtful design improves our lives in a meaningful way. Much like the glide of a soft close drawer, good design is silent, invisible, and seamless. To create seamless spaces, we offer comprehensive custom remodels that value the importance of detail. 

From it's inception, Akeldama has had a mission of creating structures and spaces that stand the test of time and that are worth restoring generations later. We see a short-sightedness to how many home's are built with materials and methods that reduce initial cost yet sacrifice quality, energy efficiency, and longevity. Thus, we build to a minimum standard higher than most builders with a focus on building science, architectural integrity, and natural materials. We also pride ourselves on our meticulous design process, where we define parameters and determine the best use of space to meet our clients needs.

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Our home office is in Downtown Fort Wayne, and our service area is defined as a thirty-minute drive from this centralized location.

Since 2021, we have dedicated ourselves to learning how the parts of a structure hidden from plain sight and, in fact, the materials of the walls themselves are the most important components of a house. This is not how most people think about homes, though.

Long before starting Akeldama, owner Grant Badgley has had an obsession with architecture. Unfortunately, architectural integrity has been lost in American home building.

A tradeoff that is made all too often in home building is trading quality for quantity. At Akeldama, we prioritize quality and implement clever design to make every square foot count.