highly functional, entirely beautiful.

founded by Grant Badgley, Akeldama is native to and serves Fort Wayne, Indiana. we strive to advance the built world, from optimizing home layouts to advocating for better public infrastructure. this is founded on our belief that thoughtful design improves our lives in a meaningful way. much like the glide of a soft close drawer, good design is silent, invisible, and seamless. to create seamless spaces, we offer comprehensive custom remodels that value the importance of detail. 



built for humanity.

the goals of each project reach beyond that of current trends, industry standards, and initial use. we work to improve daily functionality with thoughtful design, whilst upgrading longevity with a focus on building science to better serve all residents and visitors.

built for earth.

the most environmentally friendly structure is one that has already been built. our projects bring new life to existing structures, incorporate natural materials, and recycle as possible to reduce environmental harm to the planet they sit upon.

built from love.

there is great merit to our work and methods - yet ultimately life isn't about structures. our company is founded on valuing and loving passerby, tradespeople, clients, employees - all people. as a result, our job sites are a place of collaboration and care rather than rushed completion.


01. define the scope

our work has the best results when it is comprehensive, which often entails stripping spaces down to studs and starting fresh. we seek to make a lasting and significant improvement to structures, so we typically do not remodel single rooms. we work with clients to help define priorities and set a scope on projects. we stress that all potential projects should be communicated upfront, as we do not allow scope additions. with all this in mind, we meet with client's to discuss the project and determine if we are a good fit.


02. curate the space

our goal is to create the best space possible to serve our client's. to ensure this, we have a rigorous design process that begins months before the project itself. we create 3D renders and layouts so we can all visualize the end result, and make informed decisions accordingly. additionally, we assist in making material/product decisions with curated recommendations unique to each space. when design is complete, we provide a refined quote and schedule a start date. (it's exciting!)


03. execute the build

we preform the vast majority of work with our own crew as we value an attention to detail that is hard to achieve with outsourced labor. thus, when we do hire subcontractors, they are people we trust to both on a personal level and with executing the trade better than we could ourselves. as a result, our craftsmanship is strong yet our weakness is completion speed. to remedy this, we set deadlines and detailed schedules shared with clients to stay on track and keep everyone informed.



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