atbeyo / ætbijoʊ /

once a run-down duplex, this project marks our introduction to full-home remodels. the existing structure design performed poorly both as a duplex and as a single family home, facing ease of use impedances and spatial inefficiencies.

  • Style guide
    • Hardwood accents
    • Pastel walls
    • White doors/cabinetry/trim
    • Matte black hardware
  • Improving the usability of the upstairs bath
    • Added 12 sq ft and a new layout
  • Increasing counter space and reducing crowding in the kitchen
    • Doubled counter space and eliminated partitions
  • Restoring surfaces to original beauty
    • Hardwood floors and plaster walls/ceilings restored
  • Reducing energy/heat loss
    • All new windows/doors throughout
  • Creating curb appeal
    • Eliminated side entrance, removed front brick facade, new siding + gutters
  • Establishing safety and security
    • Hardwired smoke/CO detectors, surveillance cameras